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My First Creations of 2021

Below are some of my newest creations over the past month. I've worked with a variety of mediums including oil pastels, inks, and oil paints (which was my first time using). I also created my second piece of furniture. I hope you enjoy.

'Ocean Eyes'

Ink on Glass

32in x 60in

Black Frame



'A New Birth'

Oil Pastel on Canvas

20in x 40in

Black Matte Metal Frame



'Mountain Glaciers'

Oil Paint on Canvas

20in x 40in

Currently unframed but will be framed in the coming days



This is a one-of-a-kind hand painted functional coffee table.

Coffee Table 01

Custom Painted Glass

Wood Legs

Length: 36in

Width: 18in

Height: 17in

One of One


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