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Our exhibitions provide you with the opportunity to experience the artworks in person, all while getting a first hand glimpse into the artists process and understanding of their art practice.



Arvay Adams: Participation Trophy

Date: May 10 - June 23, 2024

Gallery Reception: Saturday May 25 from 4-7pm

Arvay Adams, a Baltimore native and MICA graduate, introduces his inaugural major exhibit, "Participation Trophy," seamlessly melding the realms of Art, Sports, and Culture in an extraordinary display of creativity. Through a unique fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary vision, Adams invites viewers to explore the harmonious intersectionality of these seemingly distinct worlds. The collection serves as a captivating bridge, challenging conventional perspectives and encouraging a deeper contemplation of shared experiences. With masterful strokes, Adams navigates the symbiotic relationship between art and sports, offering a fresh and thought-provoking perspective. Set against the backdrop of his hometown, "Participation Trophy" promises an immersive experience, transcending boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on Baltimore's artistic landscape. 

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This collection features artworks from our represented artists on an on-going basis. These pieces are rotated monthly to accommodate sales and to incorporate new works of art.

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Father and Son_May Pang_sized for newspaper.jpg

MAY PANG: The Lost Weekend | Photographs of John Lennon

Date: July 26 - July 28 2024


May Pang will be in attendance at Winkel Gallery, meeting guest and telling stories behind these amazing limited-edition photographs for sale of John Lennon.

Few people knew John Lennon as intimately as May Pang. Pang was Lennon’s lover during the infamous “Lost Weekend” which lasted 18 months during late 1973 through 1975. During this highly creative time for Lennon, Pang took candid photos of Lennon in a comfortable, relaxed environment. A collection of these private photographs will be on display and available during the exhibit at Winkel Gallery. This exhibit coincides with the recent digital release of the feature film documentary “The Lost Weekend : A Love Story,” produced by Briarcliff Entertainment. Watch the film’s trailer here: The Lost Weekend Movie | Official Website/ (Available on Amazon Prime, AppleTV, YouTube. Xfinity, Verizon and Vudu).

All works are available to purchase - See John Lennon as May saw him!

Admission to the exhibit is free to the public.

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Tracey Halvorsen | Stories

February 9 - March 24, 2024

For the past five months, Tracey has immersed herself in a creative pursuit, channeling her dedication into the creation of a new and eagerly awaited body of work. The outcome is an impressive collection that authentically encapsulates Tracey's identity as an artist.



September 25 - October 30

Winkel Gallery is proud to present our end of Summer Group Exhibition which will feature the work by our newly represented artists; Ainsley Burrows, Paris Lee Campbell, & Lucio Chiurulla. This exhibit is an artsy exclusive and can be viewed online. All artworks are currently on view in gallery as well. 




(May 13, 2023 - July 30, 2023)


Rena Diana

Tracey Halvorsen

Denzel Parks

Susan Washington

Justin Winkel


Winkel Gallery is proud to present its latest projects, including the stunning color themed  'MAGENTA' art exhibit. Featuring a wide range of artwork from a variety of artists, this vibrant display of contemporary art pieces is sure to captivate the eye and inspire the spirit. Come explore the gallery and discover the beauty of the Magenta Art Exhibit! Read more about our project to find out what else we have in store.

'MAGENTA' challenges and inspires each artist to create out of their comfort zone by pushing their boundaries of color selection to the limit. Magenta is not a color that any of the artists naturally gravitate towards or use on a consistent basis.  The exhibit will showcase 15 works of art in total. Magenta also happens to be the Pantone Color of the Year.


 (July 16 - September 25, 2022)


Winkel Gallery is proud to present our Summer Group Exhibition which will feature the work by our newly represented artists, Don Rubin, Tracey Halvorsen & Susan Washington.



Tracey Halvorsen

Don Rubin

Susan Washington


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