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Behind the Scenes Look at My Painting 'Marine Life'

I recently took an old painting of mine and decided to paint over it and I decided to film the entire process. I'm always questioned about my techniques and processes. I'm always willing to give tours of the studio space and even provide demonstrations. But it's rare that I show the entire process from start to finish.

Over the course of this video you can watch every step of the process. I first apply the first layer of color using soft pastels. I then blend all of the colors together using a hard bristle brush. The next step I add a texture medium and then wait for the medium to dry and harden. Once the texture medium hardens, I repeat the process continuously until the desired texture is achieved. The final step is adding my signature circles and other minor details, then spraying a final fixative to seal the pastels. Below you can view the final piece. I hope you enjoy!


'Marine Life'

Soft Pastels on Canvas

16in x 20in

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