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Meet Justin Winkel, a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist whose work serves as a powerful antidote to the enduring impact of grief and loss, through the healing of his nature inspired abstracts. Justin is known for his prolific, varied, and widely intimate painting practice. He has tested the boundaries of color, form, texture, and abstraction. Justin explores the intersection of painting, sculpture and photography, making extremely gestured art that is rich in color and texture. Justin often works at a monumental scale and one of his most significant innovations may be his reversed painted glass art and sculptures. Layering and erasure are often critical to his practice. Justin's fused artistic practice is centered around a common theme—the duality of the preservation of nature and oneself.

Artist Statement

His self-taught journey as an artist began while going through a difficult period in his life. Through painting he was able to express his emotions and process his grief from losing his father and grandmother within 8 months of each other.  Art provided Justin with a sense of purpose once again. In 2015, just two years into his painting career, Justin opened his Art Studio and began his journey as a professional artist. Now Justin paints from a place of love and peace and creates works of art that are derived from his personal experiences. 


Justin Winkel's art speaks to the universal human experience, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. In every brushstroke and sculpted form, he crafts a narrative that resonates with the perpetual cycle of healing and growth, urging us to find beauty even in the midst of profound sorrow. Through a wide range of artistic mediums, including painting, sculpture, and mixed media, Justin explores the intricate nuances of grief and loss. His art serves as a cathartic expression, capturing the fragility and resilience of the human spirit in the face of profound sorrow. Encouraging viewers to grasp the essence of their experience, his pieces invite the viewer on a journey through their own personal emotional realms.

In summary, his work serves as a conduit for emotional healing, offering viewers a transformative experience that transcends traditional artistic boundaries.

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Justin Winkel

Currently lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland |


Justin Winkel, is a multidisciplinary self-taught artist from Baltimore, Maryland. 


Baltimore, Maryland

University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

Bachelors of Arts in Business Technology Administration





Fells Point, Maryland

The location of Justin's studio and his permanent collection


2023 Group Exhibition, MAGENTA, Winkel Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2021 Solo Exhibition, The Mini Series, BONOBOS, Tysons Galleria, Mcclean, VA

2020 Solo Exhibition, The Mini Series, Baltimore, MD

2019 Solo Exhibition, Free State Justice Annual Jazz Brunch, Baltimore, MD

2018 Solo Exhibition, Winkel Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2017 Solo Exhibition, The Liberty Hotel, Boston, MA

2016 Solo Exhibition, Winkel Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2015 Solo Exhibition, STK Washington, D.C

2015 Opening of, Winkel Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2015 Solo Exhibition, Blushing Gypsy Boutique, Baltimore MD

2014 Solo Exhibition, Four Seasons Resort, Santa Fe

2013 Solo Exhibition, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, Baltimore MD

2013 Solo Exhibition, Dream Hair Lounge, Towson MD


Businesses Commissioned Projects

Creative Print Group, Baltimore, MD

Lots of Dots Interior Design, Chapel Hill, NC

Dream Hair Lounge, Towson, MD

Studio FX, Baltimore, MD

Berman McAleer LLC, Timonium, MD

Genesis Healthcare, Catonsville, MD



Winkel, Justin. Abstracts of Color. Baltimore: Justin Winkel LLC, 2014. 89. Print


​2022 Morgan Stanley Team Building Art Lesson, Baltimore, MD

2021 Keynote Speaker,  UMBC Entrepreneur Speaker Series, Baltimore, MD

2017 Private Group Art Lessons, Winkel Gallery

2016 Private Art Lessons, Winkel Gallery

2015 Comcast Corporate Team Building Art Lesson, Fells Point, MD

2014 Guest Lecturer, University of North Carolina–Greensboro, NC

2013 Guest Lecturer, Frostburg State University, MD

2013 Guest Lecturer, Stevenson University, MD

2012 Guest Lecturer, Arbutus Middle School, MD  

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