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Denzel Parks: Twilight Time

Twilight Time both captures the continuation of Parks’ current journey and brings closure to a very transformative journey of self-discovery, realization, and exploration.

 “I wanted to explore how I've grown as an artist as well as a human, how my experiences impacted this transformation solely through reflection, and how I perceived these past experiences in my current state of existence.” - Denzel Parks

Denzel Parks’ Twilight Time primarily explores his reflection on the space he has occupied emotionally, mentally, and physically over the past three years. The concept for this exhibition is completely inspired by his effort to understand and explore self-reflection, during a time when he was experiencing both the serenity and sadness of existing in a state of isolation.


Throughout his creative process, Parks has developed a dreamlike world within his work, to help clearly reference how surreal self-reflection can be when you are in a state of visualizing and analyzing memories, revisiting experiences, or mentally highlighting significant changes in your life.

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