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Winkel Gallery is Back Open!

These past three months have been a whirlwind of emotions. There was a lot of uncertainty regarding the state of the pandemic and of the Gallery. Closing business for such a long period of time has shown to be detrimental to many businesses across the state and country especially in the restaurant and arts & entertainment industries.

But through this process I remained optimistic that everything would work out and the gallery would withstand this devastation and would eventually reopen and allow me to start creating again. The support that I have received during this pandemic has truly been astonishing and greatly appreciated. From the repeat clients, to the new clients, and to those just emailing to check in to see how I am doing; I THANK YOU. I always state that I have the best clients and that statement has held true through these tough times.

Now that the city has allowed retail businesses to reopen, Winkel Gallery will officially be reopening on Friday June 19 at 12pm. There have been some changes made to the gallery and we welcome you back to visit the newly designed gallery space. We ask that everyone still follows the CDC guidelines and wears a mask upon entry. Hope to see you soon!


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