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New Artists in Winkel Gallery

Since May 2015, Winkel Gallery has housed my permanent collection of art and I have been the sole artist represented. But throughout these past 5 years we have contemplated the idea of adding other emerging artists to the Winkel Gallery roster. I always hoped that one day I would be able to take what I have learned over the years and provide other talented emerging artists with the opportunity to showcase their work and help propel their artistic career.

Well I am happy to announce that we have officially added three new artist to the Winkel Gallery family. We thought it was very important to make sure that the artists did not feel like they were competing with one another. So each artist is very different and has their very own unique style. Below is a short bio of each artist as well as examples of their work.


A Maryland native, Erica is a self-taught mixed media and silkscreen artist. She is known to be very hands on and loves to explore different materials. She is highly influenced by her creative surroundings and branding efforts. By tying these elements together, it results in collectible, eye catching, functional works of art. Her love for minimalism and geometry is evident in her works.

Currently living in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. He has been painting New England coastal landscapes since 2013, typically working with oil on canvas. You can find him spending the warmer days of the year on the corner of Newbury and Dartmouth Street in the Back Bay area of Boston, painting, displaying, promoting, and selling his art.

After working as an Architect in New York City for six years, I shifted to ownership of a modular cabinetry business for the next thirty years. I have now retired to Baltimore, to be near my wife’s family, and am able to focus on painting as a way to celebrate that miraculous phenomena of visual comprehension through light and color. Gavin's love for Baltimore is highlighted in each of his works.

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