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Justin Winkel
Palmscapes: Abstract Visions in Fronds and Shadows

The vibrant and serene beauty captured in these images serves as the driving inspiration behind Justin Winkel's remarkable photographic collection of palm trees. The vivid colors, intricate textures, and the sense of tranquility conveyed by these pictures have ignited Justin's passion for showcasing the timeless elegance of palm trees through his iPhone lens, making them a central theme in this 'Palmscapes Collection.'

 “While capturing these palm tree shots, creating a collection was not initially on my mind. However, while manipulating the colors & compositions it sparked a sudden surge of inspiration, giving birth to this new photographic series.” - Justin Winkel

During a birthday vacation, Justin's attention was drawn to the diverse array of palm trees scattered across the hotel grounds, each boasting its own distinctive textures. Initially, he innocently embarked on capturing the fronds of these trees, seizing the play of movement and shadows as the sun cast its angles. His original intent did not include transforming these photographs into an art collection, but as he wondered through the property, the myriad palm tree variations ignited his inspiration. 


Compelled by the artistic potential, he continued to amass a collection of photos. With an album now brimming with diverse palm tree images, Justin found himself captivated by their abstract allure, noting an uncanny resemblance to some of his own paintings. It was at this juncture that he fully committed to the notion of fashioning a new art collection, drawing inspiration from the unexpected beauty captured through the lens of palm trees.


As Justin stated, "In capturing these images, I tried to embrace the photographic process with a painterly spirit, mirroring my approach when starting with a blank canvas. My vision was to capture distinctive textures and movements, just as I would create these same effects with the strokes of my palette knife across a paint covered canvas."

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