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Justin Winkel - Self-Taught Abstract & Glass Artist

Justin Winkel is a self-taught artist whose passion for art was born out of grief, pain, and loss. When Justin started painting at age 23, he felt an instant emotional and deep connection to his father, who was also a talented artist, but had passed away when Justin was a teenager. Painting instantly helped heal and bring peace to a young man who was struggling to overcome the grief that plagued his teenage and young adults years. Justin recalls the first night of painting as something like a divine intervention, because that moment completely reshaped his life moving him forward in the most positive way. Art provided Justin with a sense of purpose once again.

In 2015, just two years into his painting career, Justin opened his Art Studio and began his journey as a professional artist.  Now Justin paints from a place of love and peace and creates works of art that are derived from his personal experiences but inspired by the beauties of nature and world around us. His use of color represents the many emotions that we experience through our life especially while dealing with loss. The textures in his work represent the complexities we face as we try to navigate through life’s experiences. Justin's work is represented in many private collections around the world.

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