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Meet Don Rubin

Don's first career was a computer architect. He designed large scale systems for an unnamed large software company. He was self employed for much of his career. However he had always been a creative person and was always looking for something tangible to do verses the computer work in his head. He started out in ceramics and did that for a number of years, then got too busy with his career. He was always drawn to abstract art on a number of different levels. As a viewer, he always found it one of the most interesting and creative art forms and about 15 years ago on a whim, decided to take abstract painting class.


"As an artist, it allows me to expose myself in ways that can’t be verbally expressed. But, what I like most is the varied interactions between the viewer and a piece of work, as everyone who views it has a different experience and  interpretation.


I am always looking for new techniques and am not afraid to experiment. The mobiles are an interesting combination of physics, engineering and aesthetics.

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