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Native Detroiter and emerging artists Denzel Parks has always been surrounded by a unique collection of diverse artistic expression. Inspired by the ever changing cultural dynamics of the city and its creative community, Denzel began his artistic journey at Eastern Michigan University, studying Art history and Graphic Design.

Within the realm of his creative process, experimenting with portraits and figurative paintings is his preferred method of transforming his vision and visually communicating with an audience. Denzel Parks paintings largely focus on exploring the human experience, emphasizing  process, culture, relationships, identity and how color can be altered to evoke or express mood and emotions. His goal is to visually represent aspects of human existence in its entirety and to explore human expression through the use of color.

Denzel describes his work as an enigmatic conglomerate of moments from the day to day life spanning across a shared cultural experience, embodying concepts from many perspectives of life, reflecting on culture, design and art, not completely defined by the past, present, future or a single subject matter.  Ideas surrounding perception, identity, emotional connections, psychological state of being and daily routines are recurring themes in his work.  His paintings are comprised of a distinctive expressive style culminated by a combination of pairing conventional styles and techniques with more contemporary experimental methods of free hand, while implementing elements of design to instruct form, balance and color. 

By combining the freedom of unintentional artistic expression with decisive academic techniques, he is able to fully realize and translate these surrealistic cocepts into works of art. His structured use of color, form and expressive markings, heightens the atmosphere and enhances the visual aesthetic of his work, creating his own unique reality, allowing the viewer to fully engage with these vivid enigmatic works of art, as they illuminate the space they occupy.  


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