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In preparing for Tracey's debut solo exhibition at Winkel Gallery, our goal was to afford her the time and creative liberty to craft something that genuinely reflects her pride. The outcome is an impressive collection that authentically encapsulates Tracey's identity as an artist. While it took approximately five months to curate, it's not just an assembly of artworks; it's a 25-year-old narrative seizing its long-awaited moment. We feel privileged to showcase it.

"The ledger book connects the dots, & it started this story long exhibit - covering over the ledger recordings to tell my stories is pretty in line with referencing the old paintings, which acted as recordings of the times or significant events."
-Tracey Halvorsen

In the 'Stories' collection, Halvorsen draws inspiration from artists like Rembrandt and Delacroix, blending elements from her early work. The result is a disciplined yet unrestrained collection. By reshaping the old masters, she challenges interpretation, bridging tradition and fluidity. Revisiting line art and stroke patterns from her earlier pieces, she layers her artistic evolution with a subtle objection, granting viewers the freedom to craft their own narratives.

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