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Art Lessons

Our art lessons are designed to be a fun and creative outlet for anyone, whether you consider yourself an artist or not. We specialize in team building exercises. We also offer private individual and couples art lessons. Each lesson is designed to allow each participant to find their inner artist, all without the pressure of judgement or perfection. For more details regarding the type of art lessons we provide or any questions you may have, feel free to contact Justin Winkel at 



Our Past Team Building Partners


Starting Rates

01. Corporate Team Building Exercises

- Rates Begin at $60 per person

- Catered for $100 per person

- Can travel to location for additional fee

- (2 Hour Limit)

02. Private Adult Lesson

- Rates begin at $80 per hour

- (2 Hour Limit)

03. Private Child Lesson

- Rates begin at $60 per hour

- (2 Hour Limit)

04. Couples Lesson

- Rates begin at $120 per hour

- (2 Hour Limit)

The Amazing Results

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