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Justin Winkel | Berman McAleer

Client Berman McAleer Conference Room

Consulting & Design

Whether you are a home owner, a business owner, or a corporate office we assist in selecting the perfect work of art, curated for your space, to meet your needs and vision. Following the initial consultation, we will work with our contacts of artists, galleries, and specialty shops to source options for your review. 

Custom Art Framing

Once we find your perfect work of art we can discuss the possibility of custom framing. Custom framing is a personal decision but it's also a critical one. The correct frame will truly elevate your artwork and enhance the aesthetic of your space.

Delivery & Installation

We are committed to delivering the highest standard level of excellence. We ensure that your artwork will be delivered and installed with professionalism and care. We will be on-site during installations to guarantee we deliver on every detail discussed.

Art Acquisition

Through our relationships with galleries, artists, and specialty shops we have access to a wide variety of artists in different career stages. We have years of experience in selecting art across many art forms including; painting, sculpting, photography, and even furniture makers. 

Commissioned Art

Sometimes you have that special project where you need a certain size or color palette and it's difficult to source that exact size; a commissioned piece could be the best option.  Commissioned works are great for those unique projects because you are able to customize the artwork to meet your needs. But we recommend still giving the artist creative freedom.

Art Lighting

Art lighting is an important component to the displaying of artwork. We want to make sure that your are using the correct angle, light temperature, and brightness. Lighting should highlight the artwork in its best form without compromising the arts longevity.

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