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Ainsley Burrows (b. 1974 in Kingston, Jamaica; based in Baltimore, MD) is a multidisciplinary artist who explores untold stories and the often-unspoken aspects of emotional existence. Alongside his visual art practice, Burrows is also a poet, musician, and performer, using his experiences and talent from these areas to add depth to his series-based paintings. Raised in Kingston, Jamaica and Brooklyn, NY, Burrows paints with his upbringing in the foreground, referencing the many histories, migrations, and inherited wisdom that have shaped his perspective. Working predominantly with acrylic on canvas, he leans into the tactility of the mediums he works with, using expressive gestures to apply paint and follow its natural flow. Ainsley utilizes several styles, ranging from expressionism to cubism to folk art, to scrutinize and reimagine the colonial legacy of European artists like Picasso and Modigliani, while paying homage to Black artists including Basquiat and Lawrence.


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