Justin Winkel - Self-Taught Artist/ Gallery Owner

Justin Winkel is a self-taught artist and gallery owner from Maryland. Justins strong use of color and texture comes from his love for nature and is what often captivates the viewers attention. In 2005 Justin experienced a traumatic loss that truly reshaped his life. Justin started painting in 2013,  just as a therapeutic hobby and at the time had no idea how healing it would actually become. Justin was three months away from graduating from The University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), with a degree in Business Technology Administration when he started painting. With graduation approaching Justin was uncertain of the career path that he wanted to embark on. Initially Justin had no intention to practice art professionally. But with a brand new degree in business, he also was not passionate about any particular industry. While at this "career" crossroad Justins love for art began intensifying. The idea of becoming a professional artist became more and more intriguing and then in 2015, just two years into his painting career, Justin opened his own Art Gallery. Winkel Gallery is located in the historic neighborhood of Fells Point, Maryland. For the first 6 years in business Winkel Gallery only displayed Justins work. Then at the end of 2020 Winkel Gallery began showcasing the art from other local emerging artists. To date he has sold works of art that are represented in many private collections across the United States as well as London, Italy and Australia.

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